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The Adventures of Jackson Myside


Michael G. Frino – Creator

Type: 15-Minute Animated Format

Target Age: 3yrs-7yrs


 As a new day approaches, the bright sun starts to shine.  Children ask questions like how, where, and why.  These questions travel far into deep outer space… until they end up in a most unusual place.

In the ADVENTURES OF JACKSON MYSIDE, JACKSON MYSIDE, an 8-year old, MacGyver–Type, Super-Boy, Explorer lives on the exciting, candy-coated Planet Cool, eagerly awaiting the “Call” for his next great adventure.  With the help of a Magic Telescope, Jackson and CHIP, his zany, talking Bluebird sidekick, they pan the galaxy searching for young boys’ and girls’ questions rising up into the atmosphere.  While balancing on a moonbeam, Chip locks-in on a big, red question mark floating in space from a 5-year old Hispanic boy, named EDGAR, who has a few concerns about playing goalie on the soccer team. 

 Armed with a Magic Telescope, an adventurous plan, and super-cool space goggles, called “Spoggles”, Chip offers to help Edgar with his questions by transporting him and his two best friends, SALLY and RADEE into Outer Space where they land on the fantastical Candy Coated Planet Cool.   With Jackson Myside taking the lead, and speaking in a fun, rhyming, rhythmic language, the children learn that playing goalie is “Easy as Pie”. After landing back on earth, Edgar armed with complete assurance, can’t wait for his to play goalie.  

 So…kids if you’re worried about learning something new.... there’s one thing for sure you should do! Ask the questions How and Why.... because Jackson Myside will show you it’s “Easy as Pie”!  Keep asking great questions...CHIP will keep a watchful eye....you never know when you’ll get a Magic Telescope Ride.

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