The Adventures of Jackson Myside

The Adventures of Jackson Myside

Character Bios


Twenty-Six 15-Minute Episodes


Jackson Myside

Jackson Myside is an 8-year-old, MacGyver-Type All-American, super-boy, who’s always ready to launch into action to help fellow “kids” accomplish great things.   A natural-born adventurer, Jackson loves extreme sports, tackling new challenges, and helping kids find answers to their questions by conquering the unknown.  Living on the celestial, edible, Planet Cool, with a talking Bluebird, they eagerly look for opportunities to help kids understand that learning is an adventure! One lesson everyone learns is… Jackson MySIDE will always be on their SIDE.”  He’s totally got your back!


Chip, a comical, talking Bluebird, is Jackson’s best friend and confidant. Peering through a Magic Transporting Telescope, he’s constantly on the lookout to set up Jackson’s next adventure.  Chip keeps a keen eye open for any child who needs help, or has questions they can’t answer.  Unfortunately for him, he always manages to get himself into a bit of trouble by sticking his nose out too far.


Edgar is a bright, inquisitive, 5-year old, fun-loving Hispanic boy, who loves to play outside with his two best friends, SALLY, and RAJEED.  Edgar is always looking to learn new, exciting things about his world, and plans to give Jackson a helping-hand on his future adventures.



If you ever looked up an All-American, blonde-headed, friendly girl with a smile on her face in the dictionary; you would come across Sally’s photo.  Along with her two best friends, she’s always looking for an adventure where she can learn something new!  Sally’s always there to encourage everyone with the gift of smiles.


Rajeed, an Eastern-Indian 5-year old boy, who wears big glasses and has an enormous appetite for all things called “food.”  Along with Chip, he brings a hunger for new adventures, learning new “stuff”, and an insatiable hunger for snacks.  He’s always up to support Jackson and Chip in their wacky Adventures.

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